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Service and technical expertise that will boost your business

We will partner with you through-out your journey, providing all the support and services you need to secure sustainable improvements and innovations that are directly aligned to your corporate objectives. Let our experts help you get the most out of your product at every stage of your growth. From next generation product & machine development to the supply of all the services that machines need during their lifetime, we eliminate roadblocks so you can move beyond efficiency to focus on innovation.

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We believe that support leads to success, and we are the organisation to make that happen. Tell us your business challenges and we will partner with you on your innovative journey.

Service Support Points
With our worldwide service organisation we are – wherever you are. Where you are located, we will come to you.

Contact EME-Engel B.V.

Oostzijde 376,
1508 EV Zaandam
the Netherlands

Phone +31 075 616 49 64
Fax +31 075 631 35 14

Upgrading & rebuilding services 

With our upgrades and conversions you stay flexible. We can skilfully enhance and extend your plant and machinery for many years.

Relocation Services
If you want to relocate a machine or an entire factory, you will be in contact with our specialist team. We provide total support throughout the whole process, from before the move, during the move itself, and until every machine and piece of equipment is correctly sited and functioning as agreed. A representative of our company will liaise with a member of your staff on a regular basis to ensure that everything goes as planned.

The objective of preventive maintenance is the prevention of faults on your machines before they happen. Through regular inspections and maintenance these can be prevented to a great extent. The frequency of preventive maintenance varies for different machines and is determined by factors such as the amount of hours of operation and the associated wear and tear. During this maintenance, parts will be replaced and work carried out as established during pre-inspections. We can carry out this work either independently, under the direction of your technical servicessection or as supervisors to your existing engineering teams.

We promote innovation from the ground up through our projects and partnerships. For most clients we take the responsibility of the total development of a next generation product. However we also support our clients with co-development by using one or more of our many services:

• Concept generation
• Look & feel
• Material & production advice
• Value engineering
• FEM-analysis (structural & thermal)
• Prototyping / additive manufacturing
• Detail engineering
• Mould design
• Production supervision

Order the supply of spare parts quickly by telephone or e-mail. We react quickly, supplying the information you need to meet any requirement whether urgent or not.

We have developed a online tool ‘The ITMGroup Solution Wizard’ for you for finding solutions for all kinds of packaging. With your personal credentials this tool can be used as inspiration for brainstorm sessions and can also be used in your search for proven principles. The Solutions Wizard contains different aspects for packaging such as (bio) materials, features, processing and out of the box ideas for products from all over the world.

As a production efficiency solution provider we are committed to helping you by creating a tailored and structured production efficiency solution that aligns with your business objectives. To us, the key to production efficiency is a careful balance between having access to reliable and unambiguous real-time data, along with the will and ability to improve. Our approach is simple but unique: we are obsessed with driving the benefit into our customer’s business rather than just laying software on top of it.