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Production and  supply of complete machines or subcomponents

Innovative thinking is the key. Finding the correct balance between technical quality, performance and price leads to solutions that quickly raise the return on an investment to the desired level. Our approach is governed by the “fit to purpose” philosophy, customised to your specific production methods. This allows your finished product, the production process and the required machine to be attuned to one another. For this setup, our technicians can play an important advisory role, even during the process-forming phase.

PVOH foil is a water soluble packaging material for a diverse range of product types. Water soluble film is a material which has many possibilities, not only for packaging detergents in pouches, but for many more products. (for example feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, it is used in eye drops (to treat dry eyes) and hard contact lenses, bath-pearls, latex lacquers, glue and so on).

EME-Engel concentrates not only on products that are currently sold in the market, but also on the development of machinery for the third and fourth generation of detergent packaging. Along with that, we also look at new markets such as disinfectants, fertilizer, chloride tablets, flooring products, fragrances, probably also pharmaceuticals and of course the rapidly changing and dynamic tobacco industry.In order to serve our customers and to create new products, the cooperation with key suppliers of packaging films is key.

The development of a totally new concept, specifically for the production of third generation pouches (filled with a combination of powder and liquid named Pulliq-M/S-Hybrid) has resulted in one of the very first machines able to produce these products at high speeds. Another priority relates to the development of new shapes for products packed in PVOH.
Until now, all products are typically square however the demand for round, triangular or even flower-shaped products is growing. It sounds easy, but it is far from simple.
We will make a start by creating the possibility to integrate modern laser technology. Another issue is the essential need for in-line printing for products packed in PVOH. Governments are sensibly becoming extremely fussy in relation to highly concentrated products. Child safety issues will require all kinds of opening mechanisms for tubs and Doypacks but printing on each individual product will become essential.

The automatic wash-out machine for solvent based photopolymer printing plates was based on a totally new principle, delivering outstanding quality that is market-leading. We have been building that machinery for a long period now and it’s a very good example of huge commercial success for a small company like EME-Engel.