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Strong player in the detergents industry

Eme-Engel especially focuses on developing machines. We are designers and producers of special machinery, meant for converting paper, film and foil. For the last 8 years we have been producing pouching machinery of the rotary drum type and we have followed a steep development curve; nowadays pouching machinery is our core business and we are recognized worldwide as being one of the world’s strongest players in our industry. Innovation is our daily aim and we come up with solutions where others do not. It’s not only our machines that are a success, it’s also the product output!.
We have a unique partnership with our customers. We are valued for our independence and ability to innovate, some even trust us to help design their products.

In 1930, Mr S.W. Engel started his company “Machinefabriek Engel”, The letters “EME” were added in the early seventies when most companies were creating a logo. The building he hired at that time was a section of “De Jonge Dolfijn”, originally used for the storage of raw materials. At that time the company was mainly repairing engines for ships of limited size for local industry. By integrating second hand car engines, ships originally without any power at all or with steam engines were modernized, extending their economic life.

In the first 30 years of existence, products used in the local industry were step by step becoming more important than the market for engines.

In 1958 the first flexographic printing press for packaging material was built and in the local area many companies were producing biscuits, soap, chocolates, coffee and tea products. The demand for packaging materials was enormous and that’s why new products like wax coaters, unwinders, rewinders, slitters and even sheeters followed rapidly. For the greater part, the production of machinery and the conversion of packaging materials were the foundations of our success.

2 color flexo-printer, around 1960

Engineering became more important

Caused by a background of new management and machinery designed for other industries outside the world of packaging. For example connections with producers of conveyor belts, linoleum and laminates were typical examples of changes in direction.

In 1980 Mr Engel invited Arie Bood, current Managing Director of EME-Engel, to start working for the company.

In May 2016, EME Engel joined the ITMGroup.

Our machinery is and always has been meant for typical niche markets. Our solutions are always for special products or processes which can’t be found in the portfolio of the well-known machinery companies. Typically, these concern machinery for converting the manufacturing of materials used for packaging.

There are a few exceptions such as in the case of wax coating, lid punching, rotary punching, slitting and pouching technology where we are far closer to the final stage of a consumer product.

Cross-over innovation on machine technology

In May 2016, EME Engel joined the ITMGroup. We recognized the importance of a broader view of our clients’ challenges and the opportunity that working together would stimulate our growth but also bring greater benefits to our customers. We have complementary skills, technologies and capabilities which our customers can access on an integrated basis or separately if they prefer. For us it means that we can apply existing and thus proven technology in other markets quickly and for our customers it means speeding up in their time to market!

Some background information
ITMGroup is a Worldwide solution provider of machinery and has offices across Europe, UK, Asia, South Africa, and the US, where 1000 of the most talented and experienced people in the industry combine creativity, knowledge, technology and data to deliver machinery and services that build better processes, grow businesses and improve the production efficiency on the shopfloor.
This integration certainly means that we are able to deliver not only a pouching machine, but when there is a need, a complete production line as well and will strengthen us in all those fields where due to our limited size we were underdeveloped. Integration into a much larger organization also means that our customers can rely on improved stability and technical support.

Furthermore the integration has an effect that is typical for innovative companies; our strength (innovative technology) gets an extra boost because we are able to combine the creative mind set of all the companies, in the ITM-Group.

Sales contact

Arie Bood
Managing Director

Telephone +31 75 6164964

Rob Man
Sales Manager

Telephone +31 6 46331053